The Heart

Tech students are a lot of things, but if you ask one of us, there is a good chance that “busy” will be the best way to describe us. Busy trying to keep up with classes. Busy trying to keep Hope. Busy trying to get that perfect job. Busy trying to keep up relationships with … More The Heart


Something that I have been struggling with recently is maintaining my identity during rejection and failure. Going through my first few years at Georgia Tech, I failed A LOT. I struggled through classes and had a really hard time finding my co-op with McKenney’s, struggled again finding my most recent internship, and am currently 5 … More Identity

Confidence in Christ

I find myself saying it a lot here recently: “I have no idea what to do with my life.” Juggling classes, work, volunteering, and searching for jobs, all while trying to nail down a graduation date (it will happen), that’s my succinct and hyperbolic way of saying “I need a plan.” For those of you … More Confidence in Christ